About Chasing Someday

We are all about helping you to take action on the big audacious someday you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever that may look like. Because while your someday might look different than ours. The struggles and the little things it takes to get you there are all the same.

Each episode you’ll hear real stories from us and our friends, who have learned how to chase their someday, despite the chaos and setbacks life can throw at us.

Our Core Values

We believe in honest conversations so you know you are not alone in the struggle. We share real stories so you can see that you don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter solution that won’t fit into your life. We commit to providing you with tips, tools and actions steps every episode to help you see results.

We are

We are

We work in a way that WORKS FOR US.

The journey isn’t easy or always pretty.  Sometimes, it’s hard, and messy and ugly. We share the BIG wins and the big mess ups. We refuse to only show the highlight reel. We show all the parts, even the Mondays.

We are happy but never satisfied. We believe in doing the little things. We believe in incremental progress. We value education but understand knowledge is only powerful if it is applied. We do the thing, even on Mondays.

We want to build businesses while also living our lives. We define success in our terms. We live the good life now while pursuing growth and achievement toward our personal and professional goals. We 

The Hosts

Co-hosted by a duo of bighearted mompreneurs who know what it’s like trying to keep it all together while reaching for something more for themselves, their family, and their impact in this world.

Maria is the resident branding and marketing genius. The storyteller of the two. She leans heavily into strategy and planning; ensuring she takes the right action. She is a total visionary and the one who will always thing BIG for you.

Missy is the perfect compliment to Maria. She is focused and practical. Rightfully earning the title Money Multiplier. Girl is resourceful, strong, and ambitious – because she wants more for herself and for you. The doer of the two. So if there is an expert on taking action, she is it.

Maria Grimm


Missy Briggeman